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So you had a rough day at work. Rude customers, an overbearing boss, and somebody dropped a whole bottle of cooking oil in the break room and YOU had to clean it up. When you get home, you decide you need a bath to relax, so you go to your tub and turn on the hot water. But it’s not hot yet, so you wait. And wait. And wait. Turns out your roommate/spouse/spawn took an extended shower right before you got home, and now there’s no hot water left in your standard water heater! After half an hour, when the water finally gets warm and you sink into the sudsy tub, you think, “there has to be another way…” Well good news, there is! The answer is the tankless, or on-demand, water heater! What’s the difference? By far, the most popular type of water heater in North America is the storage water heater, which holds tons of water in a big tank and keeps it warm until it’s ready to use. The problem with this is that if there isn’t enough insulation around the tank, heat escapes the water and the unit has to keep reheating it, wasting a ton......